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{ I do a little bit of code too! }

Hi, my name is Róisín O’Keeffe, and I love creating elegant, intuitive user interfaces. My background is in design, but I also enjoy coding my own designs in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

I recently completed an M.Sc. in Creative Digital Media, with an emphasis on UX/UI Design and Mobile Development. I've also worked as a teacher of Art & Design. My experience in education has really shown me the value of understanding the user, and designing user-centered experiences.

Feel free to have a look through my portfolio, and if you’d like to get in touch you can reach me on LinkedIn, or leave me a message.

UX Design Portfolio

Ruzo Ux Design The Boojum Project Where's Paul Project Dublin City Usability Report

Visual Design Portfolio

Studded Chain Project Water Infographic Butcher Logo Project
Solus Project Ruzo Brand Design

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