Usability Analysis

Dublin City Council Website

This was a UX project done as part of my Masters in Interaction Design. It was a team project, with Rebecca Love and Zoƫ Stringer. This report is the result of a college assignment, it was not commissioned by Dublin City Council.

The brief was to conduct usability testing on the Dublin City Council website, to evaluate its usability with reference to Jakob Nielson's Usability Heuristics. Our process involved devising a persona to represent a typical user, and a task that this user might need to accomplish on the website. As individuals, we attempted to perform this task, taking note of any usability issues we came accross.

We re-formed as a group to discuss our findings, describing the issues in terms of how often they occur, and the impact that they have on the user. We used Jakob Nielson's Usability Heuristics in order to categorise each issue that we came across. In this way, we prioritised them in terms of what should be fixed first. We then wrote a usability report, highlighting the five areas of concern that we felt to be in most urgent need of addressing.

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